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BMC inspects govt buildings, finds mosquito breeding in 1,858 water tanks

post by Ankush/Sanjeev Rana  on 13 Jun 2017,Tuesday

Mosquito breeding detection has reduced to eight per cent across government buildings in the city, the latest inspection conducted by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) insecticide department has found. Of the 6,232 government buildings inspected for breeding sites, 1,858 water tanks were found to be non-mosquito proof.

“Until last year, we saw that only 85 per cent institutions ensured that their tanks were mosquito proof. This is the first time that the compliance has reached 92 per cent,” said insecticide officer, Dr Rajan Naringrekar. The intensive drive comes ahead of monsoons, with which vector-borne diseases, specially malaria and dengue, record a spike.

According to a BMC report, maximum breeding was found in Public Works Department buildings with 536 non-mosquito proof spots, Central Railway with 446 such spots and the Central Public Works Department with 252 breeding spots. While the Western Railways owns 636 buildings, it has only 3.7 per cent tanks that have no mosquito proofing. On the other hand, Central Railway has 577 premises, of which 23.5 per cent had breeding spots.

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