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Sexual harassment on flight Mark Zuckerberg’s sister alleges

news post by Ankush on 02 Dec 2017,Saturday

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randi Zuckerberg has alleged she was sexually harassed by a male passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight. She said the passenger made “offensive sexual” comments and airline employees didn’t take any action as he was a “frequent flier”. The crew continued to serve him alcoholic drinks while telling her not to “take it personally”.

The incident came to the fore after Randy Zuckerberg, Mark’s sister, posted her ordeal on Facebook on Wednesday, describing how a passenger on the Alaska Airlines flight sexually harassed her.Giving details about the incident, Randy said: “Feeling furious, disgusted and degraded after an Alaska Airlines flight during which the passenger next to me made repeated lewd, inappropriate, and offensive sexual remarks to me.”
With her post, she attached a letter of discontent that she wrote to the airlines, demanding strict action against the accused person.
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Randy mentioned that she had mentioned the incident to the flight attendants, who turned her away saying that “he (the accused) is a frequent flier”, adding that he doesn’t have a “filter”.
Despite Randy telling the in-flight attendants that she was not comfortable sitting beside the man, no action was taken. The attendants, however, offered to exchange her seat with another at the rear-end of the plane.
She was almost about to move but had second thoughts at the last moment. “Why should I move? I am the one being harassed!” she wrote.
Describing the incident, Randy said that the man was continuous speaking about touching himself, asked whether she fantasised about the colleague she was travelling with. He went to comment on the bodies of the other female passengers onboard the plane, Randy added in her note.
The Alaska Airlines have taken cognisance of the incident, and immediately contact Zuckerberg’s sister. The flight travel rights of the man have been revoked as long as the investigation in the matter continues.
“I just got off the phone with two executives from Alaska Airlines who informed me that they are conducting an investigation and have temporarily suspended this passenger’s travel privileges. While it should never have happened in the first place, I am thankful that they are taking the situation seriously,” she said.

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