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Will ensure action against hospital for Rs 18L bill -Govt

news post by Ankush on 22 Nov 2017,Wednesday

After Haryana’s Fortis hospital charged Rs 18 lakh for the 15-day treatment of a dengue patient, State Health Minister Anil Vij on Tuesday said a probe has been ordered to ensure strict action against the hospital. No hospital will be allowed to play with health and emotions of patients, Vij added. The Centre had directed the state to initiate the probe.

Vij added that no hospital in the state would be allowed “to play with the health and sentiments of the people”.
Earlier in the day, the health ministry had asked the state government to probe the matter and take exemplary” action against Fortis Hospital if it was proved that the private hospital had indeed “overcharged” the deceased’s family or if “negligence or malfeasance” was established in the case.
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Meanwhile, the hospital has denied all the allegations, claiming that the patient’s parents had been kept in the loop about the bill “on a daily basis”.
Fortis said all standard medical protocols were followed.
“An itemized bill spread over 20 pages was explained and handed over to the family at the time of their departure. The patient was treated in the Paediatric ICU for 15 days and was critical right from the time of admission requiring intensive monitoring,” it said.
Seven-year-old Adya Singh, suffering from dengue, was admitted to Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), Gurgaon, a multi super-speciality care hospital for 15 days during which the family was billed over a lakh rupees per day.
However, her father, Jayant Singh has alleged that the doctors continued her treatment in the ICU, in full knowledge that her condition had deteriorated beyond cure, and the family was charged with a hefty bill.
Earlier on Tuesday, it was revealed that the hospital also did not provide an ambulance to the family at the last moment.
During an exclusive conversation with Media, Jayant Singh, the father of the deceased, alleged that the hospital did not inform him of doing any procedure.
“The doctors kept the child in ICU for so many days, but her brain had already damaged gradually which the doctors deliberately did not test. They continued the treatment knowing that her brain was dead,” Singh, meanwhile, told news agency ANI.
Singh said that the doctors in Fortis Hospital finally conducted an MRI test on his insistence, and told the family that “nothing could be done anymore as her brain was 70 to 80 percent dead.”
The father of the victim also said that they were handed out a bill of Rs 18 lakh without a day-wise breakdown.
After the patient’s death, the hospital also denied an ambulance for the deceased child and refused to give a death certificate citing that the rule of Leaving Against Medical Advice (LAMA) was applicable in this case. The family was also told to get a death certificate from another hospital, alleged the father.
Calling the death of Adya unfortunate, Health Minister JP Nadda on Tuesday said the government had sought a detailed report from the hospital.
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